Parent Involvement

School Advisory Council (SAC)

One purpose of the school council is to promote and support the involvement of all parents in their children’s learning. 
Communication is the key to ensuring strong partnerships and a successful school council. It is crucial to achieving increased involvement and greater influence for parents in their children’s education.

Springbank School has a long history of having parent and community involvement and we would like to continue with this tradition.  This is an important component of the school community and we welcome your help.  We know our children's future success and happiness depends on the education they receive today.  Volunteers assist us in many ways: assisting with special lunches, transporting team members to games at other schools, listening to children read, provide guidance with computer programs, to name only a few. Be a person who makes a difference. Be a volunteer.  Please let us know if you can volunteer at our school.  Look for an open invitation early in the school year or contact us or your child's teacher.

Chair: Jasmine Deroo                                                   Vice Chair: 

Treasurer:                                                                        Secretary:  Carolyn Eltervoog

Meetings:  Please join us!  Dates are in the minutes.